Using Multiple Instrument tracks each playing MIDI from a different channel

Let’s say I have 4 Instrument tracks and I’d like track one to play MIDI coming from channel 1, track 2 to play midi from channel 2 track 3 from channel 3 etc… It’s a multichannel sequencer playing a piano on 1, a saw-synth on 2, a drumkit on 3 and a bass on 4.
When I’m in monitor or record all tracks respond to MIDI from all channels!
I have achieved this with every other DAW where I select a track input port and channel, but In Cubase… Can’t do it. All tracks play all channels.
I was told the input transformer would be the solution but I have Elements… Can’t seem to find an input transformer anywhere.
This seems like a basic thing, doesn’t it?
I’d appreciate any help.
Thanks in advance :sparkling_heart:

Change the input to a specific channel. The default is all


No, this Channel: All is not the Input, this is the Output.

The only way is to use Input Transformer and filter the MIDI dates. But this is not part of Cubase Elements. There is no way for Cubase Elements.

Thanks martin!
So what you are saying is that indeed the Input transformer isn’t available in Elements, but that doesn’t show in the comparison charts. Mostly track or insert counts.
If this is so, than it’s quite a deal breaker for me.
Seeing that you are a moderator, can you please confirm that this is the official Steinberg reply.
If someone can refer me to anywhere I could have known about this before purchasing Cubase Elements that would also be valuable.
Thanks again for the answer. :pray: :pray:


On the Cubase Compare Editions web page (Sequencing section), you can see, the Logical Editor is Cubase Pro only. Input Transformer is actually the Logical Editor.

You can achieve what you want in Elements by recording everything onto one track and using the “Dissolve part” function in the MIDI menu. That can split one part by MIDI channel into several parts on individual tracks. You then mute the original, and route the seperated tracks to, say, HALion Sonic SE loaded as a rack instrument (as opposed to using instrument tracks).