using multiple interfaces

hello, i am wondering if i can use multiple interfaces in cubase 7.5.30 i have two fp10’s daisy chained and thats what i am using. i bought the persons studio live 24.4.2 and i have enough firewire inputs in the back of the computer. can i run them both through cubase at the same time? i wanna be able to switch back and forth through the device setup page. thank you for your help.

No. Only One ASIO device driver can be chosen.

one asio can be chosen, but can i switch bettwen them? on my presonus my firewire is 400 firewire, on my studio live board is 800 firewire. would it be smart to use the faster 800 firewire while i record?

Hi Little Willy

I am quite sure you can switch between the ASIO drivers which you would do in Device setup but I would have thought it a rather “Clunky” way of working as you would have to wait while Cubase makes the change of drivers (not long but…), then change all the VST Connections (which you could have presets for but still time consuming)). I am sure there’s other reasons why it’s not a great plan, but it is possible.

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I haven’t done it in awhile so maybe I’m not remembering correctly, but I believe you can expose multiple interfaces to Cubase as a single ASIO reference using asio4all. You will not get optimal streaming performance though.

any one have the mcu pro controller? mine has a high pitched hum to it. any fixes for this?

Only one ASIO driver can be used at a time, but some drivers, like RME’s, allow multiple devices, so that channels for all of them are visible in Cubase.

From this Acoustica post and on the Q&A on the Presonus site, its ASIO drivers can also handle multiple FP10 devices.

However, one ASIO driver may not work across devices from different product families.

Also, as I had to with my RME Fireface 400 and 800, drive each of them off separate TI XIO2213A-based Firewire cards.

If I remember right, the high pitched noise was considered “normal” on the version1, but somehow managed to correct it on version 2 … without considering it “fixed”. I could have my facts wrong.