Using Multiple M1 Macs with cubase

Hey everyone. I have long heard about people networking computers and sharing processor resources when running large cubase sessions.
I am wondering if anyone here has done this with M1 Macs?
I have an M1 mini and I am very tempted to get another if I can network them and use all the resources to run cubase.
However. I have never done this before and do not know how you go about sharing the resources. I know how to network them, but that is about it.

Cheers all!

People are using Vienna Ensemble Pro in order to do this over Ethernet.

Steinberg VST system link could also be used, though it has a setup which requires an audio interface on each machine.

Thankyou for your answer. I will look into those. Is there any benefit from using the Steinberg option?

Horses for courses, and chickens for kitchens. (unless your a vegetarian!)

You’ll understand more once you research a bit/

Cheers again! Looking into Vienna now. This to me seems like a better use of resources when compared with various outboard DSP options.

For sure. Kind of an industry standard.