Using multiple vsts for one instrument

Hello, I am looking to invest in a scoring program. I currently use Cubase as my DAW so Dorico seems like the likely candidate.
I like to layer my instruments. As an example, I would like to layer CSS Strings and Spitfire BBCSO violins on a Violin 1 part. Is this possible?
Many thanks in advance…

I don’t think you can do it directly in Dorico, but you could map both to Midi instrument (midi output) and then route the Midi as you need to

An external host would make this simple. The most common is VSL’s Vienna Ensemble Pro, using the same protection key as Cubase. There are other hosts, but I don’t have experience with them.


There are also plugin host plugins like BlueCat Patchwork and Plugin Guru Unify.

Rob Papens Prisma

Another way might be to use more than one Dorico voice on the same stave, as voices can be assigned to different VST. I could see that being more work to you and an unwanted pain, but I could also see that giving more control of the doubling effect in different sections or notes, different velocities or MOD wheel edits for each VST in the score, etc.

This one seems to only be for Rob Papen’s plugins.