USing my cubase 6 on 2 machines

Sorry, I know this sort of question has been asked a million times, however I can’t find the specific answer to my question in any of the threads and steinberg support are taking a million years to get back to me.

I have cubase 6 running on our main studio mac. What I’d like to do is also run it on my laptop at home without removing the usb licenser key thing from our studio.

As far as I can make out i need to buy an additional USB elicense dongle (which I have ordered from steinberg) but it seems I also need to buy an additional cubase license to put on it. I can’t seem to find where I can buy this license anywhere nor how much it is etc…

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

many thanks in advance for any help you can give me!

You probably won’t find a Cubase 6 license for sale at a retailer anymore since it is several years old. You can buy any license for a version NEWER than C6 such as C8 from the Steinberg Online store or C7, from a retailer, etc., and it will allow you to run the C6.
When you buy a new license for Cubase, it comes with the USB dongle so you don’t really need to buy the additional dongle separately.

thank you. so is there any actual difference between buying a new copy of the software and buying a new licence? Kind of annoying that I’ve paid for so many different iterations of cubase but suddenly, because i want to use it at home for once, I have to buy yet another copy.

read this:

thanks. i’m probably being thick, but i can’t see how this relates to my question?

The point of it is that when you buy Cubase you are buying a license, not the software you download. The USB key is how they insure the software isn’t pirated, so you have to have it plugged into the computer while you are you are using it.

You could conceivably buy a Cubase 6 license on ebay or some such, if you do so be sure to read the Steinberg Software Resale Wizard (also in the knowledgebase).

thanks steve,

i just got this email from steinberg which seems to suggest that it’s not necessary to buy a new license, only a new usb dongle:

“Unfortunately, we don’t sell Cubase 6 no longer at our webshop.
Please note, you can use Cubase on up to three machines if you are using a USB-eLicenser.”

They are only saying you can move the dongle from computer to computer.

If you are worried about losing your usb licenser why not wear it on a chain around your neck? A bit extreme but at least you will be able to use your license on two machines.

If you don’t mind keep your both machines on, you can take a look at this:

Has any Cubendo user actually reported using this successfully yet?

you’re absolutely right. they say i need to buy a license for a newer version of cubase as they don’t sell 6 any more. What they don’t seem to be able to answer is; what’s the difference between buying a license for cubase 8 (for example) and just buying a copy of cubase 8? Honestly, i’ve never pirated any music software but i can see why people do it.

because i want to use it on my laptop at home while my partner works in the studio.


That is a “NO”, you need two licences if you want to use two Cubase instances at the same time.

is like buy a Car, if you and your wife want to ride at the same time, need two cars.

yeah, i gather that. the question, as above, is - given that you now can’t buy an old cubase 6 license and you have to buy 7 or 8, what’s the difference between buying a license and just buying, (yet another), entire new version of cubase?

It’s the same. You don’t buy Cubase, you buy the licence of use it.

BTW With a 8 licence, you can use versions 7.5 / 7 / 6.5 / 6 and 5.

yeah, i get that. it’s just very frustrating that i have to spend yet another £400 to run something old on my laptop that i’ve already paid for over and over and over.

The problem isn’t that you want to used in your laptop, you can do it, the problem is that you want to use it in your laptop and at the same time in your Computer.

What I do is use C8 PRO in my studio and the AI version in my laptop (if needed). Maybe that is a better (and cheaper) solution for you?

hah yes indeed, i get that. just still seems incredibly tight given how much money i’ve poured into bloody steinberg over the years.

yeah i bought 4 LE a few years back but it put me off ‘lite’ versions as it was missing so many features.