Using my external EQ (RME Madi Hdsp + Alpha Link SX)

Hi all,

i have to admit im a total tech noob. I would like to use my Neve EQ in my productions. I have an RME Madi Hdsp Card which goes to my Alpha Link SX. I have 2 Mogami Dsub Cables for Analog in and out.

My Preamp/Eq has XLR: Line in, mic in and out.

Can anyone give me a step by step introduction? Which out/in do i have to make in cubase? which in/out at the breakout cables aso, how will i be finally using the external eq? (i know i have finally to create a external FX bus)

This would be a great help

Thanks alot

Create an external FX in Cubase - Set correct Busses to desired totalmix channels - get the totalmix Routing correct (See RME Manual) - connect converter Output to EQ line in, connect EQ line Out to converter in.