using my own imported Audio Banks with Minisampler


As there’s not a real embedded folder server access, I use iExplorer (could be something) to access Cubasis folder as a drive on windows. I use is to import my own sound banks in the audio folder, but subfolders are not supported in Cubasis. So I have to remove all subfolders inside and put all the wavs inside one level depth folder…

1- it could be very interesting to access an audio bank folder like a normal drive, Icons, folders and subfolders & search tab inside Cubasis. and FTP access / Windows share network access ?

2 - why Minisampler copy the selected wav in “my sample” when I assign it on a note ? It’s a waste of space drive… and you know how precious space drive is precious on a iPad. (specially 16Go models) It could read directly from the original path no ?
If I create Minisampler presets of all my imported banks, so I have all the Banks in doubles in “my sample” folder … double space ! any suggestions ?


Hi FB01,

Thanks for your message.

Folder support ist included on our list for a future update.

Duplicated files do not have to be kept and can be deleted.
Please give it a test drive to set your desired workflow when creating Minisampler instruments.


Thanx Lars for your response

indeed, I’ve removed the copied files and then tested the minisampler and it still works … meaning that the original links are called, not the copied files… so the copy function is useless in this situation…good to know…

thanx :wink:

in fact, the wav is also saved inside the CBI file, it’s not a path link info, the CBI file contains the data wav… meaning that it’s not double space, but 3X more space: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

  • the original file in the bank
  • the file copied in “my samples”
  • the sound wav data emdedded in the CBI file

in this case, once my kit is done, I can delete all the wav files and only keep the .CBI

Now, only one thing is missing to be perfect : import a minisampler CBI file in cubase and convert it in Groove Agent

if it’s done, creativity can be endless :wink: any chance to put that on the list ?

thanx again for your time