Using nanoKontrol Scenes with Cubase 12 MIDI remote function

I have an original nanoKontrol, and prior to Cubase 12, I was able to use the Scene function to control up to 36 faders. Now it seems to be restricted to the first 8 in the project window mixer.

Has anyone worked out a way to get this working?


You can switch the Fader Banks, can’t you?

I haven’t be able to. I can only seem to control whatever is on 1-9 in the project window.

If I switch to scenes 2 - 3 on the Kontrol, I don’t have control of anything. other than the transport buttons.


Do you use the Remote script, please?

I’m using the script supplied with Cubase 12: korg_nanokontrol1.js I’m attaching screenshots.

Faders 1 - 8 control whatever is 1-8 on the mix console. Fader 9 controls Stereo Out.

When I use the Scene button to choose any scene other than scene 1, the only thing that works are the transport buttons.

In the editor, the Scene button is just a black rectangle and can’t be mapped to any function. This is probably because the Scene button doesn’t output MIDI data, it shifts the output of the controller to a different set of CC messages.

It’s possible to assign mixer bank shift messages to the working buttons - I was able to assign the forward and back buttons to shift the mixer bank, which will work for now, as I rarely use those buttons, but that’t not really an acceptable solution. And I have no idea how to save the new configuration. (But that’s my own fault, and I’ll dig around for the instructions)

The unit has been reset to the original configuration.

And now a new, interesting behaviour.

When I edit the controller, then quit and relaunch Cubase, the two buttons that I edited say, “Missing.” And all Mixer Bank Actions in the mapping console also say, “Missing.”

This, I’m pretty certain is user error on my part.


Sorry, I own nanoKontrol 2, which is a bit different. I don’t know the “Scene” button. But from the screenshot I can see the 2 buttons next to the 9th grader do the Bank Switching.

The Scene button allows you to select four different banks of CC messages.

And good eye! I didn’t see the buttons on the 9th fader.

I just figured they duplicated the other channels.

So, I guess it’s solved. Thanks!

from what I understand of how midi remote works the issue will be the MIDI remote in script only has 8 faders and these are attached to the first scene. When you switch Scenes to the new set of CC controls the 8 faders will not be bound to the new CC controls, just the old ones - aka the first bank of 8.

You can test my hypothesis by adding another 8 faders which are bound to the CC controls for your seconds scene on the nanokontrol. The midi remote should then move the first bank with the first scene and the second bank with the second scene.

Personally I just use auto banking since it works with Midi Remote and as you discovered you have bank switching but for completeness I offer my theory.


I wasn’t aware of auto banking - I’ve just tested it with the nanoKontrol, and that works as well.

So I’ve learned a lot in this thread - thanks everyone!