Using Nanologue IAA in Cubasis - Preset doesn't save w/proj

I’m surprised that Nanologue, made by Steinberg, DOES NOT save the selected preset with a project in Cubasis 2.1 and yet, Sampletank written by IK Multimedia, DOES save the selected preset with a project in Cubasis 2.1.

Am I missing something? Anyone know if this will be fixed someday soon?


Hi marsxmarsx,

Nanologue allows to save presets in the app itself.


Hi Lars,

I know. That means, if I understand correctly, that when I bring up a project, I have to go into Nanologue and the recall either the factory preset or the User Preset I saved for a project, which means, of course, that I have to keep track somewhere of what preset I used in Nanologue. Considering a non-Steinberg app, like Sampletank, automatically seems to store whatever preset you use in a project, I would think a Steinberg instrument could easily have that capability. Am I wrong? Is it something being considered as an update?