Using Novation Automap on Cubase 8

i was wondering if anyone has issues with Novation Automap not being available as a remote control in the selection area under device set up. the Automap software said "We dont currently have a set up guide for Cubase 8 and Zero SL MkII (or any of them for that matter).

hope i wont have to wait long to have this functioning again, my yamaha motif remote options made it to cubase 8 but i dont want to have to tote that keyboard around just for DAW control purposes… ugh


Automap runs perfectly on C8 , just point the Automap server to the C8 plugin folder and then run the Automap setup for C7 again and it will automatically wrap your plugin’s so you can use them , works fine here

many thanks Mod , got it recognized but i was forced to re- “learn” nearly everything on the control with mix console. hope they release a new automap update that fixes all this with less that 100 mouse clicks :frowning:


Any other workaround than to install an older version of Cubase?
I just did a format an clean install to make everything sparkly fresh for Cubase 8… :confused: