Using Nuendo 10 in a live situation

Hello everybody,

I’m building two identical audio studio’s connecting a Yamaha Nuage desk to a Nuendo DAW.
These studio’s need to be identical and are used for music and synchronisation. But I want to take its use even further.

As latency is getting lower and lower these days I heard that the latency in a Nuendo system can be from a minimum of 2 milliseconds up to, but below 10 ms. There are different other studio’s in the building and by using AoIP inputs throughout the building I want Nuendo also to be able to provide a live broadcast mix for the video feed. But many people give a very negative advice when it comes to use a DAW in a live situation.
Giving DAW stability and latency as reasons NOT to use a DAW as live mixer.

So basically my question goes to people who have experience on this territory.
Does anybody here have used a DAW in a realtime environment?
What was the minimum latency that you achieved?
Any comments on DAW stability in live situations?
Or maybe I’m crossing a red border here?

I would really appreciate some feedback here.


I have used Nuendo for live mixing and it works pretty well.

One time I did a 28 track live recording and simultaneously did a live mix for live streaming. But you have to plan wisely as adding plugins or adding sends will stop the recording and cause a dropout as the delay compensation is recalculated and applied. This time I used a Yamaha DM2000 as a remote over MIDI.

I have also used Nuendo/Cubase at concerts many times with some tracks of playback and simultaneously amplifying/blending the organ with some reverb. This possibly made me not needing a mixer anymore. I have tried several solutions for faders but now just use an iPad as it’s convenient to travel with. Used this setup in the magnificent Elbphilharmonie in January but sadly I could not share any of my pictures from the event. Otherwise you might have read about it on the steinberg website.