Using numpad+, for key command?

I am on Win10 with swedish keyboard layout. When I try to add a key command for dotted note for the ,-sign of the numpad (yes, on my keyboard it is not a dot, it is a comma) I cannot get it to work. I mean, the new shortcut is there all right in the key command window, but when I save and go to the score, nothing happens when I press the key. I even tried to delete the command for rests (qwerty+,) but that did not do the trick.

How can I assign a key command to the numpad comma?


I’m afraid you probably cannot at the moment. There are a number of problems in keyboard handling for international keyboard layouts that are difficult for us to resolve, but we will continue to work on it. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your answer, Daniel, and a happy new year.

I found a solution to this.
By deleting the shortcut for “Move playhead to start of flow” which is set to “NUMPAD+,”, I could assign this key to Dotted Notes instead. So now I can keep my right hand on the numpad and left on MIDI keyboard.

I’ll try to assign Undo and a few other things to single keypress shortcuts on or close to the numpad, then I will be able to get up to tempo.