Using original clefs and mensuration signs together with modern signatures

How do I include two clefs and two time signatures for the purposes of transcribing early music in Dorico 4? I’m trying to get the original clefs, signature and mensuration signs and first note at the start of each stave in the system, followed by the modern clef , key, time signature and notation. One or the other is not an option for a scholarly edition, it needs to be both. Advice please?

Hello Naomi! (Ben B-W here!) Good to see you using Dorico.

Are you talking about an incipit on the first system?

This is still a bit fiddly but can be done. The easiest way is to use a Coda to separate the original matter from the modern.

Screenshot 4

Clefs are straightforward, as are notes (unless you want coloration or something like that). Adding a ‘vintage’ time sig, like a circle with a line through it, isn’t easy. You’d either have to edit an existing time sig symbol with the one you want in Music Symbols, and use that, or hide the time sig and manually position a text object.

Unless anyone’s got any better ideas…?

If you have a specific example of what you’re trying to create, then I’m sure we can come up with something.

Thanks Ben,
I’ve managed to make that work for a simple example. Hopefully I can fiddle and make it work for my more complex examples. And no, I’m not dealing with coloration thankfully.

Do give me a shout if you want any help.

Thanks. Here’s another one that I’m sure must be obvious, but I can’t see it. How do I add a horizontal bracket under a stave to indicate a ligature or coloration in the original?

Use the Line Tool (icon is: NE-pointing arrow).
Set the Start and End things to attach to a rhythmic position:


Select the notes you want to cover, then choose the line with hooks at both ends.

If you want it below the staff, change the Placement in Properties panel to Below. You may want to adjust other properties to get the hooks aligned where you want them.

Once you’ve got one, you can Alt-click it to copy to other notes, making it bigger or smaller with Shift Alt Left/Right arrows.

Thank you! Easy when you know how!