Using outputs from MR816 into outboard gear?

I’ve been trying to run the outputs of my MR816x into pieces of outboard gear for postproduction and/or mastering. So far unsuccessfully. I’ve just been getting a feedback loop. I’ve tried running out of the headphone output and also the outputs in the back. I’ve had no problems using channel inserts for compressors on the way in, but now that my music is tracked and I want to master with outboard gear how can I achieve this? Is it a direct monitoring issue? I’ve turned off the tracks in my DAW (Ableton 8) and tried shutting off my monitors, also running it back into different preamps or just straight back into the input #1 of the MR816x. It seems to have some internal feedback going on. Is the signal from the outputs too high or too low to run into a compressor or other piece of outboard gear? It doesn’t make since to me. Whats the point of having 8 outputs if I can only run them into monitors? I’m not an tech wiz so I really appreciate any help!


I know nothing about Ableton, and you said precious little about your setup, so all I can do is offer a little generic advice. You probably need to open MR Editor to set up the I/O configuration to get what you want, then match up the connections you specify in Ableton to the setup you’ve chosen. Sorry, but it will involve learning enough tech through reading the manuals (both for Ableton and the MR816) to understand what you need to do.

In Cubase, this is normally done through VST Connections, but the MR816 defaults to having any ports set up as external I/O ports turned off, and there’s no way to change it in Cubase. So we have to open MR editor and set it up the way we want, then save it as the default configuration in MR Editor. It will then work OK in Cubase.