Using Pan Control as a crossfader

The Cubase 6 manual states:

" To use the pan control as crossfader, determining the balance between the stereo sides when the stereo send signal is mixed to mono, route a send from a stereo channel to a mono
FX channel track".

Can someone explain this to me?

When is this “pan control as crossfader” commonly used?

Thanks for anyone who enlightens me.

The channel panner in “stereo balance panner” mode attenuates one channel of a stereo signal when not centered. If you move the panner, since the signal goes to a mono bus, you can x-fade L and R and have the signal centered (given the mono bus is centered). I think this will become clear as soon as you try

Thanks thinkingcap. I’m not sure when this is commonly used, but the more knowledge the better.

I also never used this, but imagine you´ve got two mono tracks and want to compare them side by side. You can switch switch from one to the other by simply moving the panner L / R instead of having to solo /unsolo the two individual track. Or you can adjust the balance of the two…
You dedcide, which is the better method…

This may be of interest?