Using phantom power with Zoom H4n as a soundcard

Hello everybody,
I’m using my Zoom H4n as a soundcard with my ipad8, as I have no other soundcard at the moment; my questions are:

  • did someone use it with Cubasis? What about your experience?
  • I would like to record voices with my Rode nt3 condenser mic and it needs phantom 48v, that Zoom can supply; is there any precaution I have to follow?
    My idea is to plug Zoom into ipad, via camera connection kit, plug Rode into Zoom and finally switch on phantom power, is it correct?
    Any known issue? I’m an absolute ignorant when speaking about electricity (and many other things, for the truth… :roll_eyes:) so I would be thankful for a support…
    Thank you,

Hi @arfo1962,

Thanks for your message.

Cubasis fully supports the use of class compliant audio devices. So there should be no issues, if the Zoom H4n falls into this class.

I’d suggest to share the question with our friends at Zoom as well. Plus, we’re at hand to have them equipped with Cubasis promo codes for testing purposes, if required.

Hope that helps!

Stay healthy
& best wishes,

Thank you Lars, I’ll write to Zoom support too, anyway, for greater safety (I think there shouldn’t be any problem, anyway…)

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HI Lars,
at Mogar, italian Zoom distributor, told me there would be no problems connecting Zoom to ipad then turning on Phantom; I haven’t tried yet but I’m confident it will be ok

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Hi @arfo1962,

Thanks for the update!

Glad to read that our friends at Zoom confirm the CC compatibility for their H4n device.

Enjoy making music
& stay healthy,

You’re welcome! Glad I can help too, sometime… :blush:
I’m not sure if it’s still compatible with IOS 15, however, so I’m waiting to upgrade…