Using pitch-correct to create south-park like voices

Hi everybody,

First off: I’m not an audio-pro, so please bear with me if I’m using some terminology incorrectly :wink:

I’m working on a project where we want to create multiple character-voices by changing pitch/formant of voice-recordings, similar to what they do in South Park. So it’s ok if they sound a little unrealistic & comical but we’d like to avoid the chipmunk-sound that results from just raising the pitch.

The Pitch-Correct-Plugin seems to be great for this because it allows you to change the formant & pitch independently from each other. However, when I use this plugin, you can hear artifacts/snippets of the original in the edited version.

Here’s an example of an unedited and an edited voice-clip:


These are my plugin-settings:

If anybody has any ideas how to get rid of these artifacts and make the pitch & formant-change apply to everything evenly I’d be super grateful!
Thanks and cheers! :slight_smile: