using plugins on a group track vs track

I wanted to reduce background white noise and clicks on a vocal track. I had send the track to a group track with a gate and compression. I discovered, that the gate works very poorly when using it on the group track and so did compression and deesser. It did not remove the noise no matter, what I tried. I tried to add a gate to the track directly, and it worked like a charm reducing all noise. Can someone explain why, and is it wrong to use gate and compression on a group track? I´m confused… :open_mouth: What am I doing wrong? Is this a bug??

Did you SEND or ROUTE it to the group. If you used send, then you would be hearing the vocal from both the track and the group, yet only processing the group. So, this wouldn’t work well. It could be made to work by sending prefade and reducing the channel fader to minimum, but that’s kind of clumsy.

If the vocal is routed to the group, then its entire signal, will be processed. this will work fine, as will placing these processors in the channel insert section. If you want to process several channels at once, that’s when using a group is appropriate.

It’s not buggy behaviour, just understanding how the audio signal flows.
Hoe this helps.

so please guide me how to route it correctly, how do i do that?

ahh using the routing in the mixer, okay i will try that thx

nope even if i route the track to the group, the plugins still works poorly. If i use the gate on the group, it does not remove the background noise completly, but if i add the gate directly to the track, it works perfect. what am i doing wrong?

Okay I realized, what i was doing wrong. I had 3 fx channels, reverb, delay and chorus. I routed my track to the group, but had also send the track to the 3 fx channels. thats why i got all the poor results. so I have to route the group the the fx channel and not the track

Yes, that will do it!