Using "pre-roll" audio

I recorded a friend’s song, guitar and vocals. On the guitar track, the leading edge of the first guitar strum is cut off. I’d like to get Cubase (this is Studio 5 I’m using) to make use of an additional fraction of a second from the raw audio file, but I haven’t figured out how to do it. Has anyone done this?

I recorded with “Precount on”, to give my friend a metronome click lead in. I found the raw WAV file that was recorded, and there’s an additional second or so preceding what Cubase is taking as the start of the project. The leading edge of the strum is definitely there.

Any help would be great – thanks!


I use the first measure as a count in. This allows you to catch any lead ins. Set the cursor at bar one and re-import the file or try just dragging it forward a bar.

Thanks! I can move all of the tracks forward by one bar and then use the “edit sample” dialog to change the start point of the guitar track.