Using program change buttons for midi remote

My midi keyboard has a bunch of program change buttons (1-16). I would like to use them for custom functions in Cubase. I setup a generic remote, but the problem is when I click learn, every button registers the same, as:

MIDI Status: Prog. Change
Address : 0

Address should be 0-15, but even when I manually set, when I press any button, it always responds as address 0. I opened up the midi monitor in cubase, and it does show the different program change buttons send different addresses (under Value1 column). How can I get generic remote to recognize my program change buttons individually?

hmmm, not sure what to recommend here… it is working o.k. for me.
Have you tried setting it up on a brand new Generic Remote?

I’ve figured out what is going on. Cubase is handling the program changes as “values”. In other words, if I assigned program change messages to volume control, pressing program change 1 results in the volume set to 1, 16 sets the volume to 16, etc. Needless to say this isn’t at all how I want to be using the buttons. Is it possible to set the VALUE to control different functions, rather than the different values only affecting 1 function?

I have a 3rd party program that has no problems with this, but it doesn’t really help me with Cubase. Cubase’s generic remote seems really complicated, you would think it would be able to handle this?