Using Quick Controls for CCs, help required please

Win, Cubase 9.

I have two controllers here, a Panorama P1, and a M-Audio Oxygen 25, plus a Roland 700NX stage piano.

Honestly I don’t use these controllers at all. Every time I have tried I get stuck in a mess of set up issues and burrowing through button labyrinths. I am not the worlds best techy. I do think I have managed ot basically set up these controllers.

All I am trying to is get something working so that I can control some common Ccs (CC1, CC7, CC11) with some kind of physical dials. With Cubase write enabled I should like to write automation.
I have a large template (1260 tracks) and different instrument libraries, that I should like to control. I have been looking at quick controls and think I could probably work through them. I have spotted that you can save presets, thus have them for all instruments of a particular genre. I think my controllers are now basically set up.

What is the easiest way to do this please?

Thank you for all your support



The idea of the Quick Controls is, you are not controlling a MIDI CCs (in the Virtual instrument), but you are controlling specific parameters. Cubase translates the MIDI CC, you are sending from the MIDI device, to control the parameter of the Virtual Instrument. To make it more interesting, you can define your own (dedicated) set of the parameters per track.

So in the Devices > Device Setup > Quick Controls, you define, which controllers are you going to use (to send the values from your HW MIDI controller). Then in every single track you define, which parameters are controlled by this set of controllers. If you don’t want to set it up for every single track, some values are assigned automatically, of course.

Is it clear?

thank you for the reply Martin. I have over a thousand tracks to set up. Some are Play, some are vsl some Play, some are kontakt, some Halions. Some seem already to be mapped usefully, some not. What I am attempting to do is map some presets to the kind of CCS that are used in orchestration. I can then call these up as required. I would not say I am sure of my footings. One this I noticed this evening, was that automation data in the lane mod data, this did not show up in the key editor. This left me perplexed.

Apols for the grammar, I am on my phone

I’m sorry, I haven’t found any issue with your grammar. :smiley:

You can save the Quick Control Preset, and then load it to another Track.