Using Quick Controls with Audio

Does Quick Controls work with audio tracks for volume, pan, etc. using a MIDI controller? I’m reading through the manual trying to figure this out, but when I setup the Quick Controls in Device Setup and then set Volume in the Quick Controls panel and “learn” it, nothing seems to happen. This goes for MIDI tracks as well.

Do I need the MIDI controller as Input or Output in the Device Setup? Does it have to be on a specific MIDI channel and/or MIDI cc?

My thinking is this will work similar to Logic in the sense that you can use MIDI controller faders to automate audio and instrument tracks.

Thanks for the help.

Hi there,

Yes you need to set your specified MIDI device for Quick Controls in Device Setup. There you can select which parameter will control which Quick Control.

The learn function that you’re referring to learns the actual parameter that the Quick Control changes. Not the MIDI Control Change message that changes the Quick Control. For example, when you click on learn and then touch the pan parameter, the Quick Control will then affect the pan for the track.

Thanks for the reply ilmolto.

I’m not sure what I’m doing incorrectly then because trying what you described and what is in the manual isn’t working for me. Maybe it’s a hardware issue, I’m not sure. But my MIDI controller works fine with standard MIDI ccs when recording MIDI.

Does Quick Controls work with a MIDI controller? Or does it only work with a proper control surface like a Mackie MCU Pro?

My MIDI controller is an Evolution U-Control.

Thanks for the help.

It should work with any MIDI controller. Let’s go over some things so you can be sure you’re doing it correctly.

First open Device Setup, click on Quick Controls to the left and make sure the correct MIDI input is selected so Cubase knows which device to listen for.

Then underneath the MIDI input and output is where you can assign MIDI CC data to the corresponding Quick Control. Click on learn and move a control on your Evolution. You should see the MIDI Channel and/or Address change for the selected Quick Control. Select the next Quick Control in the list and move another control on your Evolution. Do this until all Quick Controls have been assigned. Apply changes and click OK.

Next add an audio track in the project window. Click on the audio track name in the inspector so that you can see and change the volume, pan, delay, etc. Hold the control key (PC) or command key (Mac) and click on Quick Controls in the inspector. It should look like this:

Click on the Learn button in the Quick Controls section so that it lights up. Now change the volume of the track. You should now have volume set as the first Quick Control. Move the control on your Evolution that you set up for Quick Control 1. Keep in mind that only the selected tracks will listen for incoming Quick Control changes. Let me know how it goes.


Thanks again for the help! I followed your new steps and it’s working now. My only concern is I was doing everything you mentioned before and it wasn’t working. Maybe I was going about the incorrect steps or something.