Using Reason 4 in Cubase 12, now rewire has gone

I’m trying to play with some old tunes i made with Reason 4 and Cubase 5, using rewire.
I’ve recently bought Cubase 12 elements only to find rewire has been discontinued! Boo!
I’ve read that this is because Propellerhead stopped supporting it, but as I’m still using Reason 4, that shouldn’t stop me surely?
Is there any way to use the old rewire capability in cubase 12 elements for old versions of Reason (the rewire track is shown in the old .cpr project, but it’s not connected/working)
And what other method is there going-forward to use reason in cubase 12, other than mixing down to wav and importing, which is obviously a rubbish option!


You could update to Reason 12 which enables you to use Reason as an insert Instrument or Insert effect in any DAW.

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indeedy. I’d love to. But i don’t have that kinda money kicking around… I was hoping there was some native workaround or something. Thanks though

There’s a thing called Sonobus.

Thanks! I’ll be checking that out! For jamming too.

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Hi, i find a solution for our problem, with the rewire.
You can’t synchronize the 2 programs but you can hear and record the reason projects in Cubase 12.
My sound card is the Audient iD4 and it has two different outputs, the second called loop-back.
So i connect the output from reason with loop-back output and i create an audio track in cubase with input the loop-back.
At least now i can export the projects from reason as audio wav in cubase…

Hello Brother how are you? I was just looking for information on how to use reason with Cubase 12 and I came across this.
Could you send me images of how you do the wiring? Why can’t I understand, thank you!

Hello Juan,
first of all, i have to tell you that you can’t synchronize the two programs like the old days, for instrument play etc…
you can insert the Reason as an audio in… so you can hear it , record… but only these…
My audio cart Audient id4 gives the option to have 2 outputs, the main and one called Loop-Back…
So i give to Reason software output the loop-back, and in Cubase i make another insert (the loop-back -reason) like mic, line in…

After i used Reason 5 for many years, i stop use it so much because of this…but somethings are unique in reason…so maybe i have to buy it someday…:slight_smile:

Have a nice day…!