Using/Registering LE 4 on 2 pc's (both old and new pc)

Hi, wondering if anyone can help me…

I re- registered my Le 4 software on a new pc 2 years ago. I have some stuff I want to work on which is still on my old pc. I’m having trouble getting the old pc licence re-registered, although I still have the cubase software installed, with I presume (hope!) my old tracks.

On opening cubase, it says “Soft- eLicenser dosent have anough permissions to run properly. Please run LCC to fix this problem” I’ve applied a new license no but it dosent seem to work.

My question is can I have my software available to me on both old and new pc’s or just one pc at a time.
If so how is this done. Otherwise how do I get around the issue with getting it to work on my old pc, knowing that I will eventually want to re register it back on my newer one.


With the soft e-licenser you are allowed only one computer. If you want to run the software on two / three computers, you need to transfer the license to a USB e-licenser.