Using Remote Control Editor with VSTi's and Panorama P1 COnt

Hi I wonder if anyone can help???

I have recently upgraded to Cubase 7.5 but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to have the same amount of control over my VSTi’s like I used to? Once upon a time you could just right click (Midi Learn) twiddle a knob on my controller and have full control over a vst. Now with the Remote control editor NOTHING works or communicates at all.

I know for a FACT that all my items are working and communicating for instance all my transport functions on the P1 work with Cubase and I can see midi information been sent from the P1 into cubase its just the integration between the new RCE and the vst instruments. I cant believe that they have changed something that to me was not even an issue.

Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated, I have loaded and the latest firmware on the P1 and done a clean install of the driver etc so I know this to be all up to date and correct. I really don’t understand why Steinberg has created this new and not function software in between my communication from a 3rd party controller to VST instruments there just is NO POINT!!!