Using REV-X in headphone mix?

I am running a simple configuration just the MR816 into the DAW and trying to use the reverb on the headphone mix using the phones outs on the unit. For the life of me I can’t figure this out and it seems it would be simple. Thanks for the help.

on hardware setting go to reverb routing Tab ,click your “phones” and set the return level !
that might be it !

Well that should be the right answer but the reverb still isn’t connected. But I have been building these connections from scratch because my setup is pretty simple and it seemed pretty easy. When I start with one of the templates, however, the REV-X shows up as expected. I don’t know exactly where I went wrong but doesn’t matter. From now on I will let Cubase set up itself with a basic template and modify as needed. That is the advantage of the integration of the software and hardware I guess; some of the setup heartburn can be avoided. I was creating my own hearburn, something I do sometimes in other areas of life!

Is it possible you switched your inputs from ADAT to External FX on the hardware setup page?