Using Reverb on UR44

OK, bear with me on this, I’ve been to a client’s studio this morning to set up her new UR44, and it’s mostly very good.

However, when she bought it she was told in the shop that it had built-in reverb that she could use for monitoring - she and some of her clients want this for when vocals are being recorded.

I’ve got the unit all set up and running in Cubase - all the inputs and outputs work OK, and I can select the appropriate Mix (either Mix 1 or Mix 2) for headphone 2.

The hardware panel appears OK in the mixer in Cubase (she’s using 7.5, 64-bit), and I can alter the settings appropriately for the vocal channel - the compressor clearly works as does the EQ; depending on the position of the switch on the right-hand side of the channel it’s audible plus there’s visual feedback on screen.

However, what I can’t get working is the reverb. I -think- I tried everything I could to get it working - the output level is set, and whether I put it onto Mix 1 or Mix 2, I couldn’t hear any reverb. The send on the channel was turned up, but to no avail. I don’t see any visual feedback of signal reaching the reverb, but I’m not sure that there would be any (can’t see anything obvious)

Her setup is relatively simple - speakers are essentially connected to Mix 1 (outputs 1 & 2) and Control room is switched off. If it’s possible to keep it this way she’d like to do so as the CR is needlessly complex for her setup as there’s only really one source or monitoring mix (usually it’s performers singing to backing tracks, or people recording along to sequenced backings)

Any suggestions? I’m not back there until next week, but if it’s possible to get this up and running I’d like to do so as it seems a waste of what is a good feature.

are you using the send on the Hardware panel, and do you have direct monitoring checked?


I’m using the send in the hardware panel. Not using DM - that looks to be pre the reverb from the flow diagram in the hardware section.

Not using DM

The whole point of dsp effects is that you can add them to direct monitored signals, thus avoiding the latency you’ll get monitoring through the DAW. If you aren’t using DM you may as well add reverb on the recording channel.

I -know- that, and according to the flow chart in the mixer in Cubase (and indeed the UR manual) the reverb is -after-the DM take-off point. So you won’t get the reverb, from what’s said there (and indeed from the testing I’ve done with it). Obviously the point of DSP effects is to avoid that latency, hence spending an hour reading Steinberg’s ever-crap and impenetrable manuals combined with Yamaha’s DSP-factory-esque over-complication of control philosophy and UI.

according to the flow chart in the mixer in Cubase (and indeed the UR manual) the reverb is -after-the DM take-off point. So you won’t get the reverb

The flow diagram starts at top and feeds to bottom…So following it through after the “DM” it goes into the reverb send…there is no take off point.
If you don’t use DM the signal will never reach that send so you cannot possibly hear the reverb.

Make sure that phones are monitoring Mix1 and route Reverb to Mix1 in audio hardware setup.
Turn on direct monitoring, create a mono audio channel, set mono in 1 (for example) as input.
Activate the monitor button for this channel so you hear the original signal.
In MC hardware panel (flow diagram) for mono1 input turn up the Reverb send.