Using Rewire in LE 10

According to the Cubase comparison chart (Compare the Versions of Cubase | Steinberg), rewire is included in Cubase LE version 10. However, in the manual section for rewire, the first page says “ReWire (not in Cubase LE)”. At this point, I don’t know which is correct but I did try to get it to work and cannot.

Under the rewire setup pop-up, I have an empty box with greyed out “select all” and “deselect all” buttons. I have Ableton Live which works as a rewire slave (I have used it this way with Waveform) but it doesn’t appear to have any interaction with Cubase LE. When I run Live after running Cubase, it doesn’t automatically enter slave mode which it should do.

Is there some trick to having Live show up in the rewire setup box so I can activate it or is rewire disabled in LE even though the comparison chart says it is included and the software looks like it should work?

Thanks for any help/insights!


Can you see Ableton in the list of the ReWire Setup window? Have you started Ableton Live after Cubase LE start already?

Yes, I have started Live after starting Cubase LE. There is nothing showing up in the ReWire setup window before or after running Live. When Live starts, it doesn’t automatically go into device mode (which it does with another DAW) so there is no linkage initiated by Cubase LE.


Do you start Live in 64-bit?

Yes - I only use 64bit (running Windows 10). I think the manual is probably correct in that ReWire is not in LE but it still seems strange that the ReWire setup wouldn’t be disabled in LE and the comparison chart would say it’s in there. I wrote to Cubase but no response yet. If I hear back, I will post the answer for others who might be confused.

I heard back directly from Cubase Support. Cubase LE does NOT support ReWire so they are now aware of the conflicting documentation. Cubase AI, however, DOES support ReWire so I guess that explains why it appears in the software although not functional.


Then I would expect it doesn’t appear in the software with Cubase LE license.