Using Rewire with LE 5

I recieved Cubase LE 5 with my soundcard and was really excited to use it in Rewire mode with Reason. When I opened Reason up (after Cubase), it wasn’t in Rewire mode like it usually is with other programs. I looked all over the place for answers and the closest I got to an answer was basically a bunch of people with the same problem waiting for someone to give them an answer. Does anyone here know for sure if LE 5 can host Reason? Seems like quite a rip-off to remove that feature…

Unfortunately, Rewire support was dropped in LE4. My guess is that Steinberg thought it too advanced a feature for LE (Lite/Limited Editions), which are bundled with hardware so I’m not sure if it’s really a rip-off. The higher versions of Cubase 5 (Essentials, Studio) do support Rewire-

Thank you. Now I know!
Though I still think it’s pretty lame that they took away features so we wouldn’t get too much out of it.

Well, if Steinberg would not take features away there would be no Cubase LE 5. However, I think a ReWire limitation, for example to a single Stereo channel actually would have been sufficient to keep the “Lame Edition” feeling. On the other hand, if you consider all the features Cubase LE is offering it’s rather luxury than lame.

Quite the unusual answer from a Site Admin here, so I want you to answer my question: why was pitch shifting dropped along the way to Cubase LE 5? It was there in Cubase LE 1.

Probably for the same reason they dropped Rewire- the new Cubase Variaudio algorithm was probably too much to include in a limited version.

Let’s be realistic here. Steinberg “give” the limited versions to hardware manufacturers to bundle with their hardware, in the hope that you’ll get a feel for Cubase and then purchase one of the full versions. You can hardly expect them to give you all the bells and whistles can you?

interestingly enough i just checked and it looks like rewire support has been added back to the LE range with cubase LE 10;
could it be they made an error with this document? if not; it is so
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