Using Roland V-Drums with Cubase 10

Hi all,
I have recently bought a Roland TD-17KVX2 kit, and while I appreciate that I can midi this through to Groove Agent (I have Groove Agent SE 5), this doesn’t use all of the functionality of the kit, i.e. the hi-hat responses and multi-layer ride cymbal etc. I’ve tried using a standard midi track, and while this receives a signal, it doesn’t output anything. Can anyone suggest a way of getting this to work properly, please? I’ve tried creating a new midi drum map, that didn’t work, and I don’t want to record as audio if I can help it.
I’m using a Windows laptop running Windows 10.
Many thanks,

Groove agent is ok for most people using the supplied midi but isn’t great for for edrummers. I did try to do stuff with it and know you can remap note numbers and get the hi hat working to an acceptable level. I use sd3 which is built for edrummers. At the cheaper end is ezdrummer which a lot of people love. It was a couple of years ago I worked out the mapping of groove agent for someone else who wanted me to supply drums and that’s all they had. Trouble is I can’t remember what I did. I was triggering from a td30 kit.