Using Roomwork in Cubasis LE2

Hi folks,

i’m using a steinberg ur22 mk2 audiointerface. The recording function is already working.

The problem i have is using Roomworks to set an reverb or echo. If i want to set an effect for example on the audio
track i get the information that this feature isn’t availabe. In the shop i get the information that this feature is registerd
and free.

Where is the mistake?

I’m very hapy if some of you can help me.


Hi Marc,

Thanks for your message.

Please follow these steps to unlock RoomWorks SE in Cubasis LE:

  • Tap the shop button in top menu
  • In the in-app shop: Tap “RoomWorks SE” on the left
  • Once opened, tap the “FREE” button to the right
  • Create a MySteinberg account, or log in if you’re equipped with an account

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,