using same master pages in Full Score and parts ?

I need the same master pages that I created for the full score also for the parts, but it seems that is not possible just like that without redesigning them from scratch for the parts. These pages contain the title page, pages with graphics and pages with lots of text.

I thought I would be able to simply choose the Default Full Score set in the Master Page section and insert them into the parts, but when I try that the score is being changed instead. There is no way of duplicating or copy/paste master page between the sets either. Any suggestions?

You can use the master page set for the parts as well, but you cannot combine master pages from different sets. Rather than redo all the text pages, it’s probably easier to add master pages for the music flow, by emulating the default master pages for parts, in the full score set…

There isn’t a way at the moment. Daniel has said that it will come.

So until then it’s better to create all the pages only in one set and work only with full score or part set but not both, to avoid a lot of extra work.