Using SD2 and Yamaha E Kit - Causing sudden burts of noises

So I have set up my Yamaha Electronic Drums with Cubase through a Steinberg UR22 Audio Interface

And as i play the drums to record, I get a sudden burst of whatever drums I hit say 20 seconds ago, it just all gets played again by itself and in one short burst of snares, kicks etc

Even if I just play and not record it still does this.
Seems to me like a build up and like the memory cant handle it or something similar.

Here is my set up:

Windows 7 Laptop - 64bit version, 8GB RAM, 500GB Hard Drive

Toontrack Superior Drummer Midi Software

UR22 Audio Interface

Yamaha DTX 500 Drum Kit - This has Midi Out but no Midi In, hence why I am using an Audio Interface.

SO the set up is:

Create a New Project
Go to Devices, add VST look for Superior Drummer
Enable All Outputs - so each drum has its own channel

The issue again; as I play everything sounds fine, and then suddenly loud burst of whichever notes I was playing 10 seconds ago. This is true of any pad, snare, toms, hi hats etc.

I am using the UR22’s ASIO

I have tried the following:

  1. Lower the velocity of every single drum and nuance from 127 max velocity down to around 120
  2. Increase ASIO buffer size, as I go higher it does seem to happen less often but it does still happen
  3. Made sure the laptop’s Power Mode is set to Maximum Performance

I had Cubase AI included with the UR22, and have now tried upgrading to Elements but still same issue.

Any help or suggestions would be highly appreciated, I would love to use this setup to play live but it’s simply impossible like this,