Using second-hand license Cubase Pro 11 for running Cubase Pro 9.5

First off, I know that this question has been discussed hundreds of times on this forum. But I ask some of you to resolve this doubt of mine regarding today’s situation.

In fact, I read that anyone who owns a Cubase Pro 11 license can use Cubase Pro 9.5

But if today (in 2024) I purchase a used Cubase Pro 11 license, can I directly use this license by installing ONLY Cubase Pro 9.5 on my Mac WITHOUT installing Cubase Pro 11?

The problem is that I CANNOT install Cubase Pro 11 on my Mac OSX 10.11.6 (El Capitan).

Thanks to anyone who can clarify this point for me

You would not need to install Cubase 11, but you would need to have an eLicenser USB dongle.

Certainly. The seller directly sells the dongle key with the license with Cubase Pro 11 on it.
So I just install the eLicenser software and Cubase Pro 9.5 and then I’m ready?

This is how I understand it works, yes.
(Keep in mind that I am just another Steinberg user and I go by my own personal understanding of how it works. There is a chance I am wrong.)

Thank you for your contribution. We hope that someone who has experience with this topic will read and be able to provide a second confirmation, before purchasing something that I would then not be able to use

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(also just my personal experience as a user)

I keep my USB-eLicenser with the upgraded Cubase 11 Pro license on it for that very reason … I can install any prior version, on any machine I have, with any compatible Windows version, then just plug in the USB-eLicenser and it works. No internet connection required, no activation necessary.

As you say you’re on Mac, you may need to check the hardware requirements for the version you want to run.

Other than that, you will need complete trust in the seller that you are actually getting a working USB-eLicenser containing the license. The value is completely in that license! If the USB-eLicenser itself gets lost, or becomes defective, there is no recourse.

You can install Cubase Pro 9.5 and run it with a license of Cubase Pro 11. Cubase 11 doesn’t have to be installed on the computer. The Pro 11 license on the USB-eLicenser can start previous versions of Cubase Pro.

However, if you buy a second hand license, you might want to check if the Cubase Pro 11 license on the USB-eLicenser reads as „(upgraded to Steinberg Licensing)“. These licenses cannot be updated or upgraded again.

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Unfortunately when you buy online you just have to trust

The important thing is that version 9.5 still works
I don’t think I’ll want to upgrade Cubase in the near future