Using selection to increase/decrease automation gain...

Using selection to increase/decrease automation gain would be a significant time-saver.
So +1 to the poster who suggested this!!

Cheers for backing up my suggestion! I would elaborate a bit more on that.
I think it would be even nicer to have a cursor that changes it’s behavior depending on the place on an automation line. Say, when it’s in the center portion of a selection it acts like a straight line to change a value of the whole selection but 1) when you move it towards either end it becomes a slanted line to do fades and just gradual decrease/increase of a value. 2) Or! You could use (ctrl/alt/shift) to change behavior of the tool (say, with ‘ctrl’ it becomes kind of ‘fade in’ and with ‘alt’ it becomes ‘fade out’).

And the tool would affect values between those (in case of the file attached) upper points. Thus, you will have full control of a value without guessing that you usually have to do with the existing Line tool.
Plus after you did, say, ‘fade out’ you can do overall change of the value of the selected area by just placing the cursor in the center of the selection.

nice and fast (one click) solution with the use of pencil tool and a square wave:


Yeah, that’s a known way along with Line tool which is even faster but the thing is that the value is not shown when these tools are used. Plus to be able to adjust the changes you’ve made you’ll have to switch to Arrow, select points and change the value. Instead you could just select a region drag up/down, listen, move to the next region etc. with just one already existing Selection tool that already can affect automation lines. :slight_smile: