Using 'Set definition from tempo' to sync several imported pieces each with varying tempo

Hi all,
I am still in the rapid learning stage after stepping up from Cubase SX.
I imported an audio track with slightly varying tempo.
I used warp markers to move the bar lines to the beats in the music.
I used ‘Set definition from tempo’ to render the music with a set tempo and deleted the tempo data.
All good so far. I have an audio track with a consistent tempo! Happy.
I then imported another version of the same song to overlay (long explanation) which was at a different tempo and also had tempo variation.
Again I used warp markers to ‘pull’ the timing of the second piece in line with the bar lines and also with the first piece of music.
When I try to ‘Set definition from tempo’ I get the message:
0 audio clips have been selected
1 conflicting audio event will be bounced

The it creates a duplicate random track and I have timing issues between the two tracks when I adjust tempo.

Any thoughts on where I’m going wrong, or am I just asking too much of the editing features?

Conceptually, after you do that won’t the bar markers then be out of sync with the first piece of audio again?

I think I might use the Time Warp tool once as you did, then warp the audio itself to match the grid for subsequent audio takes.

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I would import first element, set tempo to match it, then Advanced> Set Definition From Tempo. Progress through each additional element, then finally set desired tempo (or tempo map) to taste.

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Yup. That’s the gold!