using SMuFL code to input note shapes in text frames

Hey guys,

I’m trying to prepare my Symbol Glossary page for a new piece where I have some custom techniques etc…

is it possible to use the codes from SMuFL to enter notes and special note heads in a text frame in engrave mode? if so how to do it? simply copying the code in doesn’t seem to work. I also tried @{U+E1B8}@ and that didn’t work either.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



If you do {@U+E1B8@} instead of @{U+E1B8}@ you should find it works!

Daniel, did you try this one? Seems to me that any code with

  • a digit on the 2nd and
  • a letter on the 3rd position and
  • a digit on the 4th position
    is not translated into a SMuFL character.

You’re quite right – this is a problem with the token matching. We’ll get this fixed as soon as possible!

Thank you Daniel and Basso