Using Sonnox Restoration suite in other DAW??


Just wannna know if is it possible to use the Sonnox Restoration suite, that comes with Wavelab elements, in other DAW. I’m currently working in a Sound Design project in Presonus Studio One and since I have to clean too many files it’s much easier using just use Studio One to clean the them instead of using Wavelab to clean the files and Studio One to mix them.
I checked Studio One and it supports VST3 plugins but I still couldn’t put the Sonnox plugs working in it.

Rui Silveira

Have you tried linking Studio One’s VST folder to where the WL dlls are? Alternatively, copying the dlls to Studio One’s VST folder? That might work.


I remember PG saying something about these being special “WaveLab” versions - just for use in WL and are not the same as the standard plugin versions available via the Sonnox website.