Using Steinberg CC121 with Wavelab 10

Hi everyone!
Help! Maybe someone knows how to “screw” Steinberg CC121 to Wavelab 10. I wanted to assign a “Value” knob to
“Speaker Gain” in “Master Section”. “Broke my head,” but there is no result. Whether it is possible?
Are there any training materials on this issue?
Excuse me for my English.

Hi there

The cc121 works nicely with Wavelab the zoom controls are great, unfortunately don’t think it can be customized to do what you specifically want

Best Regards, Dave

The CC121 is working better for Cubase.
In Wavelab there is implementation that works ok.
So it is a good controller, but by Steiny underlooked at this moment, eh for years they did not so much with it.
It does mean in Cubase you have great control.
In wavelab i just dont understand all functions it brings, but it is workable.
Still it is a good buy for me, because it is small enought to stand next to the keyboard at reach.
The Knob function is very handy, i had a mackie but changed for this thing.
The CC121 is ok. But not so program able.

No moderator will ever react on a CC121 post…

Thank you all, for the answers!
Too bad it 's impossible. It would be so convenient to control the volume, output monitors,
not with a mouse on a miniature icon, but with a knob on a normal controller.