Using Steinberg UR12 with windows 10 without speakers?

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me if I can use the Cubase AI with the Steinberg Ur12 USB audio interface but without having the speakers? I managed to record the instruments through my midi keyboard but the problem is whenever I try to record the vocal or guitar everything else is being recorded in my audio track that I try to record. It looks like UR12 is controlling everything and I don’t have an option to choose lap-top speakers as an output. I use headphones connected with the UR12 to listen everything.
Is there any way I can setup this so I can record normally?


Hi and welcome,

You can use only one ASIO driver in Cubase, so you have to use UR12 as an input and also as an output device.

If you really have no other option, you can install virtual ASIO driver ASIO4ALL (Windows only). Here you can pack multiple drivers to one ASIO driver. In Cubase you would use the ASIO4ALL as the ASIO driver then.