Using stereo ARC3 on 5.1 control room

I have setup my 5.1 CR so that I have inserted 3 x ARC 3 in a row.
First is routed to L/R, second C/Lfe/ third Ls/Rs.
(yeah, I know this is not ideal and there are multichannel RC softwares out there, but I have ARC and love how it sound. But it is STILL only stereo)
Now, every time I open a new project I have to go thru routing editors and re-assign 2nd and 3rd ARC as routings on all three ARCs are back to default routing L/R.
Annoying as hell.

Please, Fix this

I’m still on N12.0.40.
Mac OS.
But this was the same with my previous windows based DAW.

I share your pain - apparently this has been a known issue for some time - not sure why it’s tricky to fix? For me, if I re-load my control room preset in the connections dialog it reassigns the routings correctly, not as onerous as having to go through the routing editor for each plugin each time…

I read on here recently, that its best to use the Control Room for this type of stuff, because it keeps your assignments regardless of which sessions you are working on.

But it does not keep.
This is the point.
It loses routing…

Well that sucks…

The trick is to use the VST3 routing pull-down. I use the Dirac plug-in for the upper layer of my 3D monitoring (the lower layer runs through a miniDSP-based hardware unit using the same system), and the routing is always recalled properly.


Not doable. As there is no “stereo” pair for C/Lfe.

You can use 2 mono plugins for that in theory.
I have multiple inserts in my control room and they do recall properly every time, even a 3rd party plugin on my side speakers. I’m curious if it is plug-in based.

Yes, well, as the title says I’m using ARC3. It is a stereo plugin…

This is a BUG that needs to be fixed.

If you want to bring the problem to Steinberg’s attention, you should add the keyword “issue” to this thread. (This is no guarantee that Steinberg will actually take care of the problem.)

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Will do

I was actually referring to the “optional tags” :blush::

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