Using Stock Plugins in Other Sequencers

Hi everybody!

I do a lot of video work with Premiere Pro and I have a dialogue preset for male and female voices in Cubase that uses Frequency and the maximizer. I can round trip the audio files, but I was wondering if it is possible to use Cubase stock plugins directly in Premiere? Thanks!


No, you cannot use internal Cubase plug-ins in other software. All Cubase plug-ins are exclusive. You can only buy some Steinberg Instruments, and then use them in other software.

Bummer. Fortunately I have other solutions, but I just really like what the Cubase Maximizer does to voice-over. Maybe someday…

Some of them will work if you’ve got a dongle with your CuBase Key plugged in, but most of them do not.

Some of the panners and analysis plugins work.

Retrologue and Padshop work.

Sonic SE will work if you have the latest version. It can work with a free license, or with your CuBase license. To access the HALion SE content packs that come with CuBase you will need to have your CuBase license on the system. HALion 3 SE also gets a new library managers and a stand alone host with a MIDI player built in.


I expect Dharp was asking more about VST (effect plug-ins) not VSTi (Instruments).

Yes, it’s true, HALion Sonic SE 3 is now available for free.

But as far as I know, it’s not true for Padshop and Retrologue. For these two you need a dedicated license Padshop Pro and Retrologue license. Are you sure, you are not using Trial version of Padshop Pro and Retrologue?

No, I do not have trials for the plugins in question, and I do not have individual licenses for PadShop nor Retrologue. The CuBase key seems to work for these two plugins. Not sure about Retrologue 2, but the Padshop that ships with CuBase is scaled down (you can’t use custom sample content, and probably some other things), as compared to what you get when buying Padshop Pro. While I do own full versions of HALion and Groove Agent, these plugins have been showing up in various DAWs for me over many years, even before I ever purchased HALion or Groove Agent. No, I do NOT have one of the ‘advance’ bundles. My H6 and GA4 are licensed individually…not as part of a bundle.

Retrologue 2 and PadShop in Dorico (Of course Sonic SE works…tis the native player for this one, and Dorico also includes all the same VST plugins as CuBase LE, plus REverence Convolution Reverb):

Retrologue 2, PadShop, and Sonic SE (With CuBase/Dorico/HSO content working) in Bidule (x64):

In Bidule, they will work as either VST2 or VST3, and possibly AU and ATX flavors as well (Have not tried AU or ATX variants, if they even exist). If I set a 32bit version of Bidule to scan an old 32bit version of CuBase 7 I keep laying around, Bidule can run those as well (Older version of Retrologue).

Retrologue 2, PadShop and Sonic SE 3 (With CuBase/Dorico/HSO content working) in Finale 25:

Retrologue 2 and Sonic SE (with Cubase/Dorico/HSO content working) in Sibelius 8 (No pad shop in this one unless I do it inside Bidule):

I’m not sure why Padshop is not working in this for me right now. It has in the past. Perhaps I need to clean out some stuff, or maybe something has recently changed with Sibelius that blocks it. Dunno…

The only CuBase Pro mixer insert plugins that work for me in ‘other DAWs’ (Not Counting Dorico…it includes a lot of the same stuff, but not ALL of it) are a couple of the panners and analysis plugins. I forget exactly which ones and I don’t keep the folders they live in active in my plugin scans to check them out real quick. I just remember seeing that they worked in Bidule for sure.

To get the plugins working as shown above, I just have my DAWs scan the “%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins” directory.

I’m currently running the latest version of CuBase Pro, but Retrologue and Padshop has been working for me in various DAWs since version 7. Right now everything I run has either a Steinberg or Plogue engine behind it…sorry, I don’t have any other DAWs installed right now to see (Such as Reaper, Abelton, Studio One, etc.).

OK, I’ve asked Bidule to scan EVERYTHING in the “C:\Program Files\CuBase 9” directory and below".

Here are the Insert Plugins that comes up working in Bidule x64:
Surround Panner (Loads but seems locked in bypass mode)

LoopMash FX
Voxengo CurveEQ

Padshop is now working for me In Sibelius 8 after deleting this folder: “%appdata%\Avid\Sibelius\PlogueEngine”

Deleting that folder removes blacklists and forces a rescan of everything.

So now it’s working in Sibelius as well…