Using Tattoo (audiodamage) with cubase 5

Hi there. I’ve just started producing and recently treated myself to the instrument ‘tattoo’ which is a drum machine made by Audiodamage. I’m having real trouble working out how to create a send from Tattoo which can then be recorded. I.e if I i wanted to record the Kick, Hi-Hat and Snare on separate tracks? If someone could explain I would really appreciate it… Thanks

never used it, but the website says “Audio Outputs: Tattoo has six stereo outputs. The first buss has a modified version of the Kombinat “One Knob Compressor” to add a little (or a lot of) squish to things.”
so when you open the vst instrument, you must first activate all of the outputs (press the little button next to left side of the instrument name in the vst instrument panel). then assign each main drum group (kick, snare) to a sepaate output. then each drum will show up in cubase mixer, and can be eq’d, effected etc.
read the cubase manual about vst instruments.
if you actually DO want to “record” each instrument separately, you will have to solo each instrument in the drum track and bounce down audio for each one.

Really appreciate you taking the time to help.