Using tempo change in pro 8

Im want to change the tempo on my song which is basically midi files but I also have an audio guide vocal and at the when I change the tempo it also changes on the audio track tempo but it doesn’t seem to be in the same tempo-is seems to be all over the place. Is there a preference from stopping this happening to I can change the audio track separately?

If you are saying that you don’t want the tempo of the audio to change, while still changing the tempo of the MIDI, then, make sure that, in the Audio Pool, the audio file(s) are not set to Musical Mode. Also, if an audio track is comprised of several separate audio clips along its length, you may need to set the audio track(s) to Linear Timebase instead of Musical Timebase (“clock” icon instead of “quarter-note” icon).
As for the audio, if you do eventually want to change its tempo also, then make sure that, in the Pool, the Tempo field matches the original tempo of the audio (i.e. the tempo at which Cubase was running when you recorded it). Then set the flag back to Musical Mode.

Hi Vic Many thanks for your help-problem solved- I think part of my problem was the vocal track was made up of separate clips.