Using the CC121 with other DAWs like Logic, and AI control

Not pro-bono. You would need someone who can script it in something like Bome Midi Translator.

Yes it does not send any messages when trying to midi map with most functions.

That’s why there is no tutorials, forums or anything showing how this is done.

Yeah that would be great Steve.

Just look at the CC121 plugin for reaper:

It comes with source code and a detailed protocol description (src/CC121 Format.txt).

So no easy way to remap the midi data from the CC121 to control other DAWS it seems. Nice :unamused:

Well, it’s still just a simple MIDI controller. Every button press and every rotary movement sends simple MIDI data. So it will work in every DAW you want it to work in.

Only the visual feedback needs some scripting work. In this day an age almost all DAWs have open scripting environments for external hardware support. So this shouldn’t be a problem. The only major DAWs without an open scripting API are Cubase and Nuendo but for these we have/had the official driver…

If you cant map that midi data you are SOL my friend. Simple as the midi data may be

Just script it. No need for any volatile mapping in most modern DAWs.

How would you suggest I do this on OSX here?

With which DAW do you want use CC121?

StudioOnePro. I have most things working except the pan knob on the CC121 is sending a channel selection message in S1. Im using the FADERPORT 2018 Device in S1 but you know things dont line up function wise.
Presonus doesnt provide a CC121 DEVICE and Steinberg doesnt give one to load up in other DAWS.

Like Martin is saying, it’s mainly a matter of midi in, midi out. Does Studio One have something akin to the Generic Remote? If so, you can program your own.


In the past I did a script for Steinberg CMC series. It was just a simple XML file to adapt, if I remember right.

StudioOne does NOT have a Generic Remote in order to do this. Thats why Im using the FaderPort 2018 Device in Studio One as its the closest not including the pan knob

Where does one find this XML file for the CC121 that one can EDIT?? I would gladly hack away at it

I tried MidiTranslator Pro but the site will NOT download the Mac demo so I can check it out

What do you Mac guys use for scripting??


Logic : Use Mackie Control surface (tracks in logic will not follow track selection, you must advance tracks by using the channel select on the CC121, track in Logic has to be manual selected to match up, monitor on/off does not function)

StudioOnePro: Use FaderPort 2018 ( pan does not work, pan does track selection so you must do that in S1)

I did a complex Python script to fully integrate it into Ableton Live:

The tricky part is, that you need to send a “keep-alive” message every second to keep it turned on. Without sending this command every second, the CC121 is in idle mode with be blue Cubase Ready LED flashing.
This midi message is a system common message [0xF0, 0x43, 0x10, 0x3E, 0x15, 0x00, 0x01, 0xF7]
I think every 2s should be fine too.

Has ANYONE got a CC121 that works in ProTools? If so, how? Thanks, Steve

You roll your own.

Bump - did anyone find a suitable script to get CC121 fully workig in Studio One? I have zero coding skills so wouldnt know where to start! Would offer to pay someone to do one for me but have a feeling it might be out of my price range unless it was a fairly quick job (which I’m pretty sure anything to do with coding isn’t!)
Couldnt find anything on studio one forums.