Using the control room, a quick question about callibrating.

Mine is a home studio with a powerful amp and decent speakers. I work almost exclusively in MIDI at present, using orchestrals and synths. I have a surround sound 5.1 Win system.

I am trying to calibrate the volume levels before starting on a big project. At present I am simply getting ready to compose, and have a large template of sounds I need to set on a level playing field. The projects are destined for a theatre, but presently it’s just my home studio. I am set up for Control Room, but don’t need cue mixes, talk back channels and the like. I am sitting in the sweet spot. It’s here I do my composing, I confess I keep the sub off, as its a beast. The frequency range of my Tannoy’s are good enough for general writings.

Obviously, the volume of the main amp is important. I am set up so my amp volume control delivers a decent perceived level of volume (about 40db I guess), when playing a standard MP4 file through a media player, with this volume set to half (no Cubase). The Asio Software for my Focusrite liquid 56 is unmodified with all active channels at 0db.

There are two levels to bear in mind- the performance level in the theatre, and the day to day writing/tracking level (which I don’t set too loud - for comfort) . I am focussed on getting the latter right first. Presently, the control room is also set to 0. DB.
Question: I intend to use the control room knob to adjust overall volume for comfort listening. I am wondering if I should set this lower than default 0 DB for general composing needs?

Rational: Then when the songs go to a ‘performance’ level, the control room fader goes up? After I decide this, only then can I look at balancing the levels of my many disparate tracks.


Yes think of the knob in the Control Room like the volume knob on your stereo. I’d adjust the volume on the amp with Control Room at 0dB so it is as loud as you’ll ever want it. Then use Control Room to adjust the listening level.

The control room knob also has a reference level button (between metronome and dim) so you could set this to your lower level.

Then you can jump between the two fixed levels with the reference button and ctrl click on the knob for zero.

Thank you grim, that’s very handy. The control room sure looks different from Cubase 5.