Using the Delete key in the Audio Editor

I am making the transition from Twisted Wave back to WaveLab, so far so good. Actually, I like WL a lot better already! But there is one difference that I like in Twisted Wave, and was wondering if it can be adapted in WL.

In the Audio Editor, if I highlight a section within a file and hit the Delete key, it deletes all audio in that section, but does not delete the section. If I do the same thing in Twisted Wave, it deletes the highlighted section. I would rather hit the Delete key to delete the highlighted section, as opposed to having to right-click and then hitting the delete option. Is this possible?

On my Windows the delete key deletes the section, removing the space and moving the audio to the right of the selection to the left edge of the selection. I would think there’s a Mac equivalent, if that’s what you mean.

Ditto. Here the delete key deletes the selection. And the backspace key mutes the selection.
(Wavelab Pro 9 on PC)

I’ll try it again, but even when I check the manual it only references using the Delete function from the menu. BTW, I’m using WL 9 Elements on an iMac.

EDIT: Nope, it works just like I said. Deletes the audio, but still leaves the highlighted section.

Are you folks using Windows? I’m on an iMac running El Capitan. Is this perhaps a bug in WL Elements 9 for Mac? When I right click to get to the menu to do a delete, it even shows a graphic for the delete key as an option. Is there a link to report potential bugs?

As you see in the Right-Click-Menu there is the ‘Delete’ Function and the ‘Mute Selection’-Function. I think sometime in the past there was a change, and the Delete-Key was changed to “Mute Selection” as standard Key. But you can always modify your Key Commands in the Preferences>Shortcut Menu. Hope this helps.

Thank you, that fixed it! After doing some research, it appears that Apple changed the backspace key to also function as a delete key. So the WL default actually was correct; the extended Apple keyboard has 2 delete keys, literally next to each other. I was used to using the backspace/delete key. I used your suggestion and swapped the shortcut definitions for Mute and Delete. Now the backspace key deletes the highlighted section, and the “real” delete key mutes the audio in that section.