Using the Draw Tool on Peaks

AA Peaks Fixed.jpg

I have been trying to edit a song with the Draw Tool. Specifically, the guitar player likes to hit her guitar to do a beat rhythm, but it was way too loud in the mix, so I am trying to lower the volume of each hit with the draw tool. When I listen to the song inside Cubase it seems to have worked, it show them all evened out and when I play back the strikes are very much lower, however when I export the project (MP3 or .WAV) the strikes are back just as strong as they originally were. The screen shot shows the peaks evened out by the Draw Tool. Am I overlooking something? I searched the manual, and it appears I am doing everything right. Why is the sound showing back up when I export my file?


I’m guessing you are trying to fix your concern using volume automation…(?)

If so, don’t forget to activate the automation with the “R” (Read) button when exporting/listening. You pic does not show it activated.

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