using the equalizer

Hi, I have a problem with using the equalizer in Wavelab elements 9. I was used to the equalizer in Wavelab elements 6 and there I could directly equalize just A PART of the song. In Elements 9 the equalizer is different. It seems to be a plugin that changes the whole song. Is there a way to just equalize a part of the song without changing the rest and to only hear the results of the equalizing in the selected part?

Do you know if you’re applying the EQ to the audio file by selecting a part of the song file and applying the EQ, or with clips in a montage by splitting clips? Maybe if you took a screenshot of the file or montage and eq in Wavelab 9.

I’m not really familiar with the Elements versions but It should be possible and basically the same as in Elements 6 I would think. (i.e. not really dependent on changes in the EQ plugins themselves).

Hi Bob,
Thanks for your repons! I selected a part of the song and tried to equalize it but than I heard the preview from the plugin on the whole song. In wavelab elements 6 it was easier. Then I could click on the EQ meter in Effects and than i could directly equaize any part of the song I’d like. Only that part was changed and not the rest of the song…

You can do that in the montage, but you have to split the clip first and then add the EQ to just that clip segment by selecting the clip, and then adding the EQ to it in the Effects tab. (not just make a time selection).

Are you thinking of Render In Place on an audio file? But that requires performing the render after making the time selection before you can hear the final result with transitions afaik.

Those are the only two ways I know to do it, but it was the same in Wavelab 6 as far as I remember.