Using the headphone port on UAC-2 with Cubase


I recently purchased a ZOOM UAC-2 and was happy to find that it included a trail version of cubase.

My predicament however is that I can’t quite get the audio output to work quite as I want it to. You see overall when I use this DAC I simply connect my headphones via the speaker output on the DAC. In all other cases this works flawlessly, but when I use cubase it will not accept the speaker output, only the right and left outputs found on the back of the device and on the VST output options menu they are the only ones available.

In contrast to this when I use Overloud TH3 I simply choose both output 1 and output 2 as active and that makes the headphone output work.

As for now the only way I can hear anything in Cubase is if I activate either the Right or Left outputs on the back of the device as mono and then plugg in my headphones into that port. I rather not do this for two reasons. Firstly I can not use the direct monitoring built into the device, secondly it is rather tedious to have to change the cable whenever I want to use Cubase.

I have searched the forums yet not found an answer to this problem, so any help anybody could provide be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.